Introducing Echo Audio NIC-1 PCIe network adapter and Streamware SDK

Echo Digital Audio announced the release of the first Streamware™ products: the Streamware NIC-1 and the Streamware SDK. The Streamware NIC-1 is a PCI Express network interface card with hardware support for Ethernet AVB. With traffic shaping and MAC packet timestamping, the NIC-1 enables time-sensitive networking applications for Microsoft Windows. 

Echo Audio Streamware

The Streamware SDK is a Windows software development kit providing full access to the time-aware and IEEE 1722 stream generation features of the NIC-1.

The Streamware NIC-1, along with the SDK, is the recommended network interface for the University of New Hampshire IOL VIOLETT™ AVnu certification tools. This enables AVnu members to run the certification tools for in-house FQTSS, BA, MRP, MSRP, and MVRP testing. The NIC-1 is designed to work with Echo’s upcoming Streamware for Windows product, a complete AVB controller, protocol stack, and audio driver (available soon). Each NIC-1 includes a software icense for 16 channel audio playback and recording.

Both the Streamware NIC-1 and Streamware SDK are currently available for purchase directly at







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