New sample instruments company – Rattly and Raw

Dirty, cheap, cranky, crusty little gems to fill those cracks in your productions. These instruments are designed to be ‘that little extra thing’ that so many tracks end up needing. In the real world, most of these instruments have maybe only a few playable notes or at best a limited range!

Imperfection and Character

Rattly And Raw have greatly expanded the playability and range of these original instruments by using state of the art time stretching software and meticulously hand tuning each mechanism. The emphasis here is on imperfection and character. These instruments are not posh, and not slick, but they might inspire new directions or augment what you already have in surprising ways.

The unique sound of these samples comes from the instruments themselves, not from additional processing! That being said… on most instruments they’ve included a LoFi button and a processing knob or two that will let you dirt ’em up a little more…

Rattly and Raw are starting with four products:
The First Incarnation, Cold War Listening Station, The Marxophone and Student Vibraphone.

The instruments in these packs were all sampled with combinations of Royer R122s, Neumann KM84i, Elux M49, C-Ducers, Reslo RBTs and all run into NEVE 33135s with carnhill xformers, some vintage APIs, Focusrite ISA 215 or a BUZZ ARC depending on what the instruments demanded. The Cold War Listening Station samples were recorded with a handheld audio recorder and worked on extensively in post-production due to the super-unfriendly recording conditions!

Most instruments are sampled with very little processing, and they are all at concert pitch (A440) but that’s where the correctness ends, these are dirty little beasts and…well…rattly and raw... You’ll find they are easy to slot in wherever you need!








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