Dave Smith introducing Prophet 12 Rack Module

Well, hold your horses, it is not available, not for a while that is. Dave Smith is only showing his protoyope at the moment. So all is still in development. Of course the technical underlyings are the same as the Prophet12 keyboard version. According to Dave Smith it will be ideal for the musician who doesn’t want yet another keyboard in his studio.

Pricing and Availability

Like mentioned before the rack modul is still in prototype stage and there’s even no name yet for it, how ever the P12 Module would sound quite obvious according to Dave. The module would be ready to ship around the next NAMM. Another issue Dave isn’t sure about (yet) is the price. That could be around 2000 Euro, he thinks. Again this information is very early and definitely not engraved in stone. The coming months we hope to get to know more about this synth module.

The information above comes from Amazona.de who had an interview with Dave Smith. If your German is ‘ok’ head on over for more details and pictures.


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