Nord Drum 2 OS Update Now Available

Nord Keyboards have announced that there is an update available for the Nord Drum 2. The new OS v2.10 is an extensive update that in addition to fixing some bugs adds several new amazing features to the Nord Drum 2. One great addition is the support for the new Nord Drum 2 Manager software for Mac/Win that makes it easy to transfer sounds.

Improvements include

  • FM-Synthesis added to the Tone Section, with 6 different FM-algoritms
  • MIDI CC-control of all parameters
  • A new MIDI Mode that lets you play each channel the Nord Drum 2 in a pitched manner with a MIDI keyboard/sequencer
  • Doubled memory capacity! The memory area has been reorganized into 8 banks with 50 program locations each (400 locations in total).
  • Introducing the Nord Drum 2 Manager for Mac/Win – easily transfer and backup Nord Drum 2 Banks
  • 4 new Filter types in the Noise Section: High Pass 12/24dB, Low Pass 12dB and Band Pass 6dB
  • Improved Hand Clap mode
  • Dynamic Curves for pads and triggers
  • Plus much more!

See the Update History page for a complete summary of what’s new and what has changed and what’s fixed in this version.

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