AES I/O Capability added to TC Electronic TouchMonitor TM7

TC Electronic is proud to announce a new hardware option for TouchMonitor TM7: 16-channels of balanced AES I/O. This option has been available for TouchMonitor TM9 for some time, but market demands for a similar solution for TouchMonitor TM7 led to the development of this new option.

16 AES I/O Capability

Like the other versions of TouchMonitor, TM7 with 16 AES I/O features intuitive touch screen control, USB connections, GPIO, Ethernet, VGA output and highly flexible, user-definable screen layouts. It is also compliant with all major broadcast standards and a plethora of software options are available, including TC Electronic’s highly acclaimed Loudness Radar Meter that provides a complete overview of any loudness landscape at a glance, including Loudness History, Momentary Loudness and numeric values for e.g. Program Loudness and Loudness Range.

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