Busy Buehren talks mastering with Steinberg Wavelab 8

For musicians and home studio owners it is a well-known issue. After spending many hours on recording and mixing a song, the final mixdown cannot keep up with the loudness, punch and brilliance of a commercial production. While you may be well pleased with your mix when listened through your monitors, it just sounds unbalanced and dull over your home or car stereo.


It is the final step of a music production that adds a professional, commercial touch to your mixdown. In the mastering process, tracks are refined to sonic splendor and adjusted to industry standards. Once your tracks are mastered, they will sound balanced, clear and precious — on your kitchen radio, in the car, on the club PA and your headphones.

Mastering engineers typically work with a stereo mixdown provided by the producer or mixing engineer. Besides maximizing the audio quality, mastering also includes sequencing the tracks and preparing the pr

Mastering engineer Sascha “Busy” Buehren from True Busyness Mastering in Berlin talks about the new features in WaveLab 8.









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