MiniMoog Model D sounds for Animoog available now

Moog Music announced the release of “The Minimoog Model D Expansion Pack” for their award winning iOS synthesizer, Animoog. The expansion pack includes 69 Timbres extracted from a vintage Minimoog Model D analog synthesizer, and 213 presets designed exclusively for Animoog’s Anisotropic Synthesis Engine. Presets were crafted by a preeminent set of designers including Sound Creation Expert Kevin Lamb, Timbre Extraction and Design Pundit Drew Neumann, Synthesist Adam Holzman, DJ/Producer Dom Kane, and Sonic Mayhem’s Sascha Dikiciyan.

Animoog’s Anisotropic Synthesis Engine is unique in that it uses timbres as evolving oscillators rather than as samples”. Said Cyril Lance, Chief Engineer Moog Music. “Taking timbres from a Minimoog and placing them in Animoog creates very distinctive sounds that are advanced and invigorating. This isn’t an emulation of a Minimoog. It is actually a new way to experience it,” said Lance.

The Minimoog Model D Expansion Pack is available now as an In-App-Purchase in the Animoog store for $6.99.

Minimoog Model D Expansion Pack Key Features

• 68 Timbres extracted exclusively from the Minimoog Model D

• 213 Presets

• 38 Presets designed by Dom Kane

• 41 Presets designed by Sascha Dikiciyan

• 50 Presets designed by Kevin Lamb

• 41 Presets designed by Drew Neumann

• 43 Presets designed by Adam Holzman







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