New XT-Series Plug-in and Free v2.4 Update for Mixbus from Harrison Consoles

Harrison is proud to announce the availability of the FREE v2.4 update for Mixbus. This update brings numerous fixes, as well as a new addition to Harrison’s XT series for Mixbus: the XT-BC Bass Character plug-in.  Mixbus users can purchase a license ($109) from the Harrison Mixbus store. Mixbus subscribers received this plug-in for free.

XT-BC Bass Character

This plugin is an innovative new equalizer from Harrison’s R&D department. It is designed to musically alter the tonality and character of bass instruments such as electric bass, stand-up bass, and synth bass. Unlike a traditional EQ, the XT-BC is “frequency-agile,” meaning that it tracks the pitch of the sound, and applies EQ specifically to the note’s fundamental or overtones.

The XT-BC can be used to beef up a thin recording, subtly change the tonality of an instrument, or attenuate the fundamental of a bloated bass track that is overshadowing other instruments in the low end of a mix. For more information, watch the introduction video below.

This new plug-in is compatible with Mixbus v2.4. Current customers received a link to download the program update via e-mail.  For detailed information about Mixbus, please visit the Mixbus website.


Mixbus can be purchased for $149; or, customers can purchase a “subscription” for $49, plus a recurring fee of $9 per month. The subscription provides ongoing benefits (including at least 50% off new plug-ins) and fosters continued development for Mixbus and the Ardour open-source workstation platform. Subscribers received a free copy of the XT-BC Bass Character plug-in. The v2.4 update email also provided a coupon allowing existing customers to switch to a subscription without the initial $49 payment. 





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