Tone 2 Nemisis Synth coming soon

Tone2 have introduced the new plugin synth called Nemesis, which will be available the 1st of December. Nemesis features no fewer than 22 combinable synthesis types! expanding FM with synthesis methods such as Additive, Formant, Wavetables, Waveshaping, Phase distortion, Sync and Reso synthesis.


This new software synth takes FM synthesis to its next evolutionary step: NeoFM synthesis.NeoFM is an exclusive new and improved approach to FM synthesis that is extremely powerful and intuitive. Nemesis includes traditional FM synthesis as well as a completely new and improved approach to FM called NeoFM synthesis. It is now easier than ever to get very good sounding results.

The sound quality of Nemesis surpasses conventional synths, making it easy to locate the sonic sweet spot.
Nemesis features an easy-to-use interface, which ensures that you will experience FM synthesis at its best and most entertaining.


* Unrivaled sound quality.
* Offers a new and user-friendly approach to FM synthesis. Nemesis makes FM synthesis accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level or experience.
* Easy to tweak presets or program your own sounds with.
* NeoFM covers all important aspects of traditional FM synthesis, but is in no way limited only to bell-style sounds. It offers a very large sonic range, one that is much more varied than other FM synths.
* Due to its innovative technical approach, neoFM does not suffer from a metallic sound or from the weaknesses of conventional FM.
* No fewer than 22 combinable synthesis types. Nemesis expands FM with further synthesis methods such as Additive, Formant, Wavetables, Waveshaping, Phase distortion, Sync and Reso synthesis.
* Contains 1000 inspiring patches from professional designers.
* Unique signature sound.
* Nemesis features a large number of exclusive sounds that are not possible with other synthesizers.
* Perfect for modern, as well as all other music styles.
* Wave import, resynthesis and the additive spectral editor offer unlimited sonic possibilities.
* True 4x stereo unison.
* An extensive number of high-end quality effects, with flexible and innovative routing options.
* Trancegate with an extensive selection of setup options.
* High-End sound quality with low demands on your CPU.
* Powerful, easy-to-use arpeggiator.


Tone2 today (november 28) posted a new, updated video on the new Nemisis Synthesizer. Check it out below.





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