After the Roland TR-08 will there be a TR-09 too?

Last week it seemed that the whole (gear) world got excited by the news that Roland would re-issue the classis TR-808 drum machine. For many of is this could be the sign that Roland would follow on the steps of KORG in reviving the true ‘analogue’ sound. Yesterday Roland continued their AIRA capagne with the release of a video on their classic TR-909. Will this mean ………?

Roland TR-09

After the TR-08 the new name would then be the TR-09 of course. If so, we will have to wait and see. In this video below thay reflect on the development of the 909 back in the day. Just like they did in their first video of the TR-808/08 announcement. After seeing this short video it’s like Roland is defending their choice of ‘virtual analog’ for this new AIRA series of products and instruments. What do you think?









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