Image Line Minihost Modular plugin host (beta)

Image Line have introduced the beta version of their Minihost Modular, which is a modular environment for hosting/interconnecting VST/AU plugins based on a custom modular engine especially developed for this purpose. As a standalone, Minihost Modular can be used as an advanced VST/AU host with modular routing with some sequencing recording/playback capabilities. 

Minihost Modular

As a VST/AU plugin, Minihost Modular can be used to simply extend your existing DAW software with a powerful modular environment. Minihost Modular bares some similarities to FL Studio’s Patcher but has an extended capability as a self contained host.


  • Works as standalone and VST/AU host on Windows and OSX, either 32Bit or 64Bit.
  • Multi-input/multi-out (MIDI & audio) support (standalone version, VST has 3 stereo outputs).
  • Powerful Piano roll Module based on FL Studio’s, to create, record and trigger musical sequences via MIDI.
  • Natively optimised modular routing.
  • Unlimited undo/redo system, including plugin states undo/redo.
  • Multiprocessor support (standalone version only).
  • Automatically creates plugin thumbnail pictures after first opening.

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