Slate Digital Introduces Virtual Microphone System

Using a super clean and transparent microphone and pre-amplification chain in conjunction with the VMS software, Slate recreates the color and character of some of the most beloved classic mic’s and pre-amps used in the recording industry.

Virtual Microphone System

Switch between a virtual 47 and a ribbon 121 and try them through different preamps. Or put a virtual 57 on a snare drum or guitar amp. Zero latency means you can record directly into your DAW using these virtual mics and preamps. And do it all at a fraction of the price! Slate Digital does it again with another groundbreaking product from the guys who really love this stuff.

A World Of Classic Microphones and Preamps for Your Studio

Imagine having a microphone locker filled with the world’s most classic vintage and modern microphones. Audition dozens of microphones on any source to find the perfect match. Then pair your microphone with the ideal microphone preamplifier to finalize the recording chain of your dreams. With the VIRTUAL MICROPHONE SYSTEM from Slate Digital, it is now a reality.  

Slate Digital will be showing off the VIRTUAL MICROPHONE SYSTEM at NAMM 2014 by having an actual A/B of a famous vintage 47 microphone right alongside the new Slate VMS system for all trade-show visitors to hear for themselves! Visit booth #6921.

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