Teenage Engineering OP-1 Update Announced

Over the years Teenage Engineering have regularly been putting out OS updates for the OP-1, adding new features and functionality, as well as improving things as much as possible. In the past this has been a very secretive process and nothing has been disclosed beforehand. This week they are happy to let you all in on three brand new upcoming features for the OP-1.

New Features

Sketch – A hand-drawn sequencer adding even more human touch to the machine.
DSynth – Tweaking the DBox core engine for melody making.
Global tune – A simple but highly requested powerful feature.

These features are all in alpha stage at the moment and they’re very happy to already include you in the development process. Everything is subject to change and a they are looking forward to final release eventually. If you are at NAMM please come by booth # 6409 and the guys give you a personal introduction.

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