Introducing multi-effect plugin for heavy music styles: Dubshox H8

DUBSHOX H8 is unique VST effect combining various processors in one. It is designed for heavy music styles like: Dubstep, Dark Drum and Bass / Neurofunk, Electro, EBM, or experimental / minimal techno. Dubxhox H8 is best in combination with huge baselines and dubstep synths.


If you are producing drum and bass, breakbeat, dubstep or other similar styles and you think that your synthesizer don’t have enough kind of sounds / sound colors and is missing fat bass energy or heavy analog character necessary for these styles try to apply Dubshox H8 as effect.

DUBSHOCK H8 combines multiband distortion and wavashaping unit with more than 40 types of distortions and shapers of sound (from analog, transistor / diode or vacuum tube distortions to crazy digital waveshapers.). Every band has knob for drive (amount of distortion) and output level so you can add heavy distortion but without sounding too loud.
DUBSHOX is designed to offer very fast work yet perfect sounding results and wide sound creation possibilities.

Often basslines in your favorite producer’s dnb/dubstep tracks are sounding heavy, fat and high frequencies have very huge space that fulfill all track and you are wondering how your favorite artist made it? Answer: Multiband distortion/waveshaping. Easy solution – with MID and TREBLE spatial processors you can add 3rd Dimension to mid and high frequencies of your basslines while keep bass in mono which is necessary if you are playing your music on big PA system at festivals/clubs

Additionally you can add some futuristic / post apocalyptic character of sound with Neurofunk unit – aimed mainly for dark styles of drum and bass.


Standard price: 29.90 Euro. Introductory price for first 100 customers: 18.90 Euro.







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