Rattly and Raw CasSYNTHerette – LofI cassette tape sample-based synthesiser

The CasSYNTHerette includes two synths, both using classic waveforms from some of popular music cultures favourite synths – However each instrument was processed with a different cassette mechanism – Instrument 01 was recorded to a high quality, rare, stable and full range Japanese cassette recorder. Whereas instrument 02 used the dirty, noisy Cassamplerette recording mechanism. They have included many presets that highlight how versatile this synth can be!


Two synths, one using waveforms from classic synthesisers sampled from a very rare , stable, full range cassette recorder with loads of character and the other using waveforms sampled using the dirty noisy Cassamplerette recording mechanism. 

Whilst the Cassamplerette was looped and single shot recordings of real instruments, the CasSYNTHerette is a fully functional synthesis instrument using waveforms from some classic synth oscillators recorded and looped onto different cassette tape systems.

All this for £20

Both CasSYNTHerettes share the same features

  • FOUR cassette tape-based waveform oscillator faders: Square, Triangle, PWM and Soft (a combination wave from a classic synth)
  • Additional SUB oscillator fader
  • Tape cassette noise fader with stereo and tone controls
  • Individual waveform tuning via tape speed controls
  • Individual waveform pans
  • HP/LP Filter + LFO + Envelope
  • Amplitude envelope
  • x2 custom convolution reverbs with tone control. One very rare cranky vintage spring verb and one old spacey hardware digital verb!
  • Fully controllable delay
  • Two state distortion control with ‘soften’ control
  • Saturation control
  • LoFi (Bitcrush) control
  • Chorus and Flanger Controls
  • Wonkiness control – magnify the cassette tape wobbliness
  • Switchable MONO/POLY
  • Loads of PRESETS










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