Something For The Weekend: PhilSynth – The Synth Doctor

As you might know, if you visit us here regularly, we are strong supporters of the ‘old and analog’. ‘Vintage‘ is a word or term that gives a slight warm feeling inside. In our studio we have a few synths and drumcomputers of the vintage hardware realm. Many of our followers and visitors share this affection. But what if these old machines break down or are in need of a good service/tune up? Then it is good to know there are people out there who have the knowledge and expertise to help you out. PhilSynth from Berlin is one of these companies that can help you out!


Watch a twelve minute interview with Berlin’s premiere vintage synth specialist Philipp Heimrich a.k.a. PhilSynth in this feature taken from Slices issue 4-13.

“I really am a fan of originality. It is quite noticeable with transistors. Even transistors that have been built for twenty, thirty years and are still being built, that have the same name and suffix and the same values, they sound different.”












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