Kawai announces MP11 Stage Piano

The Kawai MP11 has been designed and built to meet the demanding standards of professional piano players. For discerning musicians that do not accept compromises, the MP11 offers the most authentic action, the most realistic sound, and the most control. At the heart of the MP11’s sound engine is the beautiful sound of the Kawai’s flagship EX concert grand piano. The Kawai EX concert grand piano is widely regarded by professional pianists and piano technicians as one of the finest instruments within its class.

Professional Stage Piano – MP11

Kawai’s MP11 Professional Stage Piano is definitely a no-compromise instrument in a class all of its own, with authentic grand piano action, realistic sound, and extensive control options. Its Grand Feel (GF) wooden-key action with Let-Off, Triple Sensors, and Ivory-touch key surface offers an incredible playing experience. The MP11 has a variety of Concert, Studio, Jazz, Modern, and Pop grand piano sounds that are suitable for a wide range of musical periods and styles. The Harmonic Imaging XL sound source with 88-key piano sampling provides impressive realism to each of the MP11’s 40 voices, including 12 Concert, Jazz, and Pop Grand Piano Sounds, and Vintage Electric Pianos with amp simulations.

Complementing the MP11’s stunning acoustic pianos and vintage EPs, the SUB section contains additional instrumental accompaniment sounds that add depth to the performance. Premium quality strings and soothing pads are ideally suited for layering, while the rich electric and acoustic bass sounds are perfect for left-hand splits. Finally, a choice selection of harpsichord and mallet voices completes the line-up, for those occasions that require a specific sound.

A traditional upright is also provided for songs that evoke a feeling of nostalgia, or simply call for a slightly more intimate tonal character. And for playing in a live band setting, additional mono piano sounds ensure that the MP11 will cut through even the heaviest of mixes.

In addition to six Reverbs and 129 Effects, Virtual Technician allows the customization of virtually every element of the piano. The MP11’s 3 Internal and 4 External Zones and 208 User Memories make it a natural choice for a master controller and the included Triple Pedal Assembly gives the player the performance control they expect from any piano. Rounded out with USB recording of MP3 and WAV audio as well as MIDI, the MP11 unquestionably delivers the finest piano experience in a professional stage piano.












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