MusikMesse 2014 Impressions – Part 1

As MusikMesse show is happening all around us, we won’t spend a lot of words to give you an impression of the show, but instead serve up some pictures. Below is a small impression of some of the stuff that is going on around us. Some of the performances (Aira!) will appear on Youtube soon, so come back soon for that 😉

Of course… the Pioneer Turntable, even if this is just an attempt by Pioneer to get a feel about the market. This ‘simple’ prototype got probably the most attention of all the new gear at the Messe.

Roland showed a rough version of the fifth ‘element’ in the AIRA series. An unnamed sync box.

Always nice, Waldorf showing their new Streichfett String synth.

Antelope ZEN Studio audio interfaces.

Because we love our hardware units, Manley CORE.

Not a year goes by we wouldn’t visit our friends at MOOG!

AKAI showing nof their new ‘beast’, the bass and drummachine Rhythm Wolf

Koma Elektronik showing us that ‘organisation is key‘ when it comes to modular environments!

Still wondering if we saw ‘the future’ at Slate Digital with the MTX Raven!?

What’s inside a lunchbox?

Transaudio Group Syren and Falcon modules.

Guys from Bitwig trying to explain more to us about Bitwig Studio!











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