New Live-Courses website plus discount

Producertech are excited to announce the launch of their all-new Live Courses site, originally released back in 2009. With core courses created by certified Ableton Live trainer Rob Jones, this site has become widely known as one of the best platforms for learning about the software and music production, at an affordable rate and during times that suit you best, all from the comfort of your own home.

Ableton Live Courses

With brand new tutorials made with Live 9, a vastly improved look and functionality, as well as updated technology that features optimum compatibility with all computers, tablets and phones, the new Live Courses is set to define new standards in online learning once again.

Accompanying the core courses on the site, for beginner-intermediate and advanced Live users, are a whole host of additional courses on certain styles of music or aspects of production, created by Producertech tutors Paul Maddox, DJ Fracture and Nicholas D’Ombrain, covering techno, tech house and drum and bass production, and also how to master professionally with Live’s built-in devices.

Visit the site now to take advantage of the generous introductory offer of 30% off all courses in March using the coupon code LCLCH30.

Live Courses website now features

»» All-new Live 9 beginners tutorials
»» Responsive design for optimum tablet/phone viewing
»» Complete beginners and advanced courses
»» Techno, house and drum and bass production courses
»» Courses on mastering with Live’s internal devices
»» 30% discount on all courses in March with the code LCLCH30








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