Synth-Project custom iVCS3 Controller

The ‘wizard’ of do-it-yourself software (synth) controllers Mario Jurisch has finished yet another great project. This time he developed and created the iSP3 Controller for the iVCS3 iOS App which emulate the EMS VCS3 Synth.

Mario himself: “The iSP3 Controller is special designed for the iVCS3 iOS App. It has an iPad slot to put the iPad inside the case. The main screen in this case is the Patch Matrix in Zoom Mode. The upper Front panel has some additional Knobs and switches for the Step Sequencer and The Flanger. The Midi Electronic is a Doeper Midi USB64 Interface. The 2 Octave Keyboard is a Fatar Keyboard and works together with the MKE Keyboard Electronic from Doepfer. It simulate the DK1 Keyboard, with the seperate Osciallator.”

For more pictures and details check out Mario’s Synth-Project website.












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