Audiowerkstatt introduce their first product: Midi-Clock-Divider

Audiowerkstatt are pleased to announce their first product: the audiowerkstatt midi-clock-divider – a clock divider for the MIDI clock.

Audiowerkstatt Midi-Clock-Divider

The unit divides the MIDI-clock of the MIDI-master, whereby the MIDI-slave runs correspondingly slower. The division-ratios are 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, …, 1/8, 1/9. If the division-factor 1/1 is selected, the MIDI-clock is simply passed through. With the division-factor of 1/2 the MIDI-slave runs at half the speed. So 16ths-notes will be 8th-notes and the loop is twice as long.

Very useful to double the loop length of the MIDI-slave (eg MIDI-sequencer or [audio-]looper). When using the division-factor 1/8 and an originally one bar long loop runs over 8 bars. And good for experimental musicians, especially if an odd division-factor is selected and MIDI-master and slave seem to be not in sync, but from time to time come together in perfect sync.

You can also set whether only the newly created MIDI-clock and mmc commands (start, stop, continue) are sent or the, at the MIDI-in incoming data, will be mixed with that.

Available at 119 euro (included VAT).










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