Novation Launchpad App Update: Output to Other Apps

Launchpad App lets you make, record and share music instantly on your iPad, simply by triggering and mixing sounds on a grid.


Now version v.1.5 lets you output those songs directly into any Audiobus-compatible app!

• Add to your songs using GarageBand 
• Apply external effects during live performance 
• Output your beats straight to Cubasis                          


Making music has never been more fun

Alongside our usual array of bugfixes and performance enhancements, we’ve also improved the stutter FX to help you pull off powerful, driving fills.

Combined with a library of professional sounds, automatic time stretching and synchronisation, it has never been easier to create totally original beats that never fall out of time. 

Get Creative with Novation Launchpad App v1.5

• Create, record and share original music 
• Import your own sounds 
• Easily launch up to eight loops at a time 
• Mix with simple volume and filter sliders 
• Apply powerful live performance effects 
• Access a free professional sound library 
• Control using any Novation Launch product 
• Route your sounds to any Audiobus-compatible app    

Download the most enjoyable way to make music for free!            

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