SPACE: The New Reflexion Filters series from sE Electronics

First, there was sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro, our ground-breaking acoustic screen with patented Multi-Layer and Air-Gap technology. After eight years as an industry- standard tool, the RF-Pro is still going strong, but for several years now we have been striving to perfect and improve on our own design patent, and now finally, we bring you ‘SPACE’.

The concept is simple; to take portable acoustic space to a new level of performance. The execution? Well let’s just say no other company has yet even managed to match the performance and success of our own Reflexion Filter Pro. Creating a well-controlled recording space in a small and portable device is an extremely difficult task. It’s an interesting point to note that no other microphone company has, in the eight years that RF Pro has led the way, attempted to recreate such a product.

All imitation products are simple foam devices, which, in our opinion, do much more harm to your tracking and final mix than any small benefit they may impart. This is due to them removing important high frequencies, while simultaneously failing to improve the very thing they ‘claim’ to prevent – reflections! Foam simply allows most low and mid frequency information to pass directly through leaving the user with all the same primary reflection issues, but now with loss of high frequency detail. The result? Dull sounding, incoherent tracks and a messy final mix.

The RF Pro’s multiple layers of different materials and air gaps solved this problem for the first time. Now, SPACE takes things to a whole new level.

  • Larger surface area means the prevention of more direct source material reaching walls and surfaces to cause unwanted reflections 
  • Thicker layers of different acoustic materials result in better absorption 
  • Deeper air gaps provide more isolation 
  • Better diffusion means that source material that passes through the filter is 
more adequately diffused, again helping to randomise primary reflections 
  • Improved hardware for utterly stable and flexible mounting
  • Seven vertical pillars significantly deepen the air gaps internal to the device, whilst
  • simultaneously aiding randomisation of diffusion.

In addition to unparalleled isolation, absorption and diffusion, SPACE also boasts new hardware to clamp the device to any microphone stand or drum hardware. Fully adjustable and lockable vertically, horizontally and with tilt function for instrument miking, SPACE is utterly stable, and has truly universal positioning capability.

Despite the increased size and depth, the use of space-age materials has kept SPACE ultra-lightweight.The result is by far the best Portable Acoustic Control Environment on this planet…or any other.

Suggested Retail Pricing: £299 ex VAT €359 ex VAT, Availability: Shipping June 2014

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