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Synchro Arts Revoice Pro ia a audio processing program designed to work with voice and or monophonic signals. There are 2 main functions in the program, APT (Audio Performance Transfer) and Doubler.

APT: First we start with importing a (Guide) audio track, lets say the main vocal, then we import a second audio track (the Dub). There are two ways to get audio into Revoice Pro.

Drag audio .wav or .aiff files into Revoice Pro tracks or use DAW Plug-ins: 

If you use Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase or Nuendo, etc., then you can transfer audio into Revoice Pro using the Audio Suite, AAX, AU, or VST3 Revoice Pro Links. The Revoice Pro Link plugin is placed on the selected audiochannel in your DAW, next to that the Revoice Pro program should be opened in the background,  that way a connecting is made between the plugin and the program. Press on capture in the plugin en play the audio in your DAW.

When it’s done it will have recorded the audio into the program and you’re ready to start processing. What we want to do is give the dub the same timing and or pitch and loudness characteristics as the Guide. Normally this would be very tedious work in a DAW and involving manually editing the audio, a very labourous process. Not so with Revoice Pro. Thanks to the latest Vocalign version thats build within Revoice Pro, this process is very quick and offers lots of flexibility.

When you have the 2 audio stems in the program, you can select the guide and double click on the waveform this turns green then. By pressing B you open a menu where you can select the APT process, there you see the guide and dub channels and you can select where the aligned version will be recorded to. At the bottom of the menu you will find a button with new process on it, click on it and presto the newly added channel is made.

After that click on P and you will open a menu where you can fully tailor the APT Process to your needs. A very clever option build in the program is to have protected area’s in your audio that will not be affected by the apt process, so that way you can have more control over certain parts that you do not like to be changed When you’re satisfied with the result you just press the spacebar and the new process is rendered.

Doubler: The Doubler works in the same way as described above with the difference that you now only need the guide track. Opening the menu again you can make mono dubs, stereo dubs, rendering to more channels at once. Pressing P again takes you to the processing menu where you can decide the if you want 1 and or 2 channels, difference in delay settings, formants and vibrato.

Huge and tight sounding dubs can be made with only altering some different settings per channel. Whats also brilliant about Revoice Pro is that you can edit manually the differences in pitch, vibrato etc, so this makes it a one stop shop for vocal manipulation. Extensive video tutorials are available on their website on this subject and are highly recommended to watch.

GUI: When you open the program you see 3 audio lanes. Audio 1,2, and 3 those channels can be renamed to anything you like,  just clicking on the word and typing a new name does the trick. Adding extra channels is also a piece of cake. Some pretty self explainable drop down menus at the top of the page and in the sidebar per channel , there’s the usual stuff like volume, solo, mute and more. Very handy is the clicking on the up/down arrow menu to show the selected audio channel fullscreen. Making a selected area you can drag the line at the bottom of the screen this will create a yellow line underneath the selected audio part. Also looping a part is possible with loop symbol. This program relies heavily on shortcuts, so it’s best advised to learn them quickly.

Final thoughts:

Revoice Pro is a very clever program if you are doing lots of vocal editing, it has a slight learning curve but lots of info can be found in the well written manual and online in some great videos. It’s very fast and precise and makes light work of an otherwise time-consuming process. Since i’m on pc i would love to see the quick apt function that’s been built in the protools version. Rendering the audio on the exact spot as the original audio inside the daw would be close to magic. But that’s just nitpicking. Revoice Pro is a very well made program excellently suited for the intended task.

All the info can be found on their website:

Rob Fabrie

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