Kontrol-DJ multitouch screen for DJ controllers.

The Dj controller hardware industry looks saturated and out of ideas lately. The first commercial Dj MIDI controller (KDJ-500) was released 11 years ago and things hasn’t changed very much since then.  There is no doubt that nowadays we have an excellent variety of professional Dj controllers out there. Digital Dj movement has growth exponentially and it’s a mature collective inside the Dj artists. 

The presented screen could be a solution to the above problems. The good thing is that this design could be used with your current controller like an upgrade to your setup (reducing the e-waste) or directly embedded in new hardware designs.

Anyway, there are some problems not resolved yet

– Usage of computers has improved the Dj workflow but at the same time it has created a disconnection between the artist and the public (…with exceptions, of course). It’s known like the “computer face” problem, in the sense, that the Dj is usually hidden behind the screen of a computer.

– The irruption of smart phones and tablets  has created a revolution in the world and it has consequences in the Dj controller industry too. We are used to control almost everything with touch screens nowadays. The problem is that these devices aren’t designed for the hard Dj environment and its integration with hardware controllers and computers is difficult.

Can this be a game changer for future Dj controllers?

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