new Serato Flip expansion pack

Serato is excited to announce Serato Flip. A new Expansion Pack for Serato DJ that allows you to create custom edits, extend and re-imagine your music.

Set for official release this September with Serato DJ 1.7 – Serato Flip allows you to record your Cue Point and Censor actions, which can be saved and looped, ready to re-trigger and start in an instant. Use Serato Flip to create and save up to 6 Flips per track, ready for playback in the studio or the club.

AJ Bertenshaw, CEO of Serato says: “We are very proud and excited to finally unveil Serato Flip, which we have been hard at work on for many months. We think our users will find the ability to flip tracks and save their edits to be an indispensable new way to work with Serato DJ.”

The original idea of being able to record and playback cue point information in a simple way was first pitched to us by NZ producer P Money, who was already using Serato to put beats together by manually triggering cue points. Not only a great beat sketch pad, Serato Flip can also be used as a powerful DJ tool. The simple, yet effective control set designed with the DJ in mind allows you to use it in your set in a number of ways:

• Make clean edits of your tracks by recording censor actions.

• Extend intros, breakdowns or outros for better mixing.

• Create transition sections in your songs for changing tempo or beat structure.

• Advanced tone-play and performance.

• Auto-skipping verses or choruses in songs.
• Making beats.

Flip will be available as a paid Expansion Pack with Serato DJ 1.7, coming this September. It will be available for purchase in-app and on the Serato Online Store for USD29.00.

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