Alpine Music Safe Pro – Gearjunkies Review

Alpine introduces a new member of their hearing protection family, the MusicSafe Pro. Off course we are very interested if these new earplugs are indeed better then he PartyPlugs, so we took hem for a test run. As we’ve said before, nothing is more important to a music fanatic then your ears!

When I received the MusicSafe Pro earplugs, the first thing I did was comparing their looks withthose of the PartyPlugs. I have to admit, they do indeed look a lot more professional. First of all, they come in a solid case to protect your earplugs when you are not wearing them. They also come with a little wire that you can attach to your plugs. Ideal if you want to take them out for a moment: you can just hang them from your neck and won’t lose them.Second, the MusicSafe Pro earplugs come with three different filters, varying in the amount of sound reduction. This is a very nice feature, giving you the opportunity to choose for yourself how much you want your plugs to reduce the music level. 



The MusicSafe Pro plugs go in and out of your ears just as easy as the PartyPlugs. Just a little twist is all you need to get them in or out. The wire helps you not to accidently lose them in this process. The case is very handy as well, allowing you to transfer them safe and sound from A to B.Changing the filters is very easy as well. You can change them in just a few seconds, taking the old ones out, and pushing the new ones into the silicon plugs. There is a special place for the filters in the case as well, so you can always take all three of the filters with you. Ideal if you want to change them last minute when you’re on location.


Sound reduction

As said before, the MusicSafe Pro come with three different filters, varying in the amount of reduction. They each have their own colour, white, silver and gold. The white ones deliver the least sound reduction whereas the gold ones deliver the most. The difference between the filters is about 5 dB, which is a lot considering the fact that 3 dB louder means the sound is twice as loud. I recommend you to experiment with this as it can make a huge difference.



I really think the MusicSafe Pro kick it up a notch compared to the PartyPlugs when it comes to sound reduction. The PartyPlugs are a very decent form of hearing protection, but the possibility to change the filters is a real benefit.


Put to practice

Keep in mind that the Music Safe Pro are not custom made, which means they could irritate your ears a little when you use them for an extensive time. This because of the fact that they use pressure against your ear canal to stay in place. A custom made pair will give you better protection as well than these universal plugs. However, for non-custom plugs, Alpine has really delivered an extremely good earplug! With a price tag of just €25, they are a very could alternative for people who don’t want to spend €100+ on a pair of custom made earplugs. 


The MusicSafe Pro are made with artists, DJ’s and performers in mind. Every artist/performer/DJ prefers a different kind of damping. I even noticed I preferred a different filter when playing a different style of music. The MusicSafe Pro allow you to change the sound reduction to your personal preferences, on the spot.


Pro’s and con’s

+ Case

+ Wire to hang them around your neck

+ Interchangeable filters

+ Easy to keep clean

– Not custom made

– Irritating when used for an extensive time



As you might know, we highly recommend you to use earplugs! Not just when you are partying yourself, but also when you are DJ’ing yourself they can make a whole lot of difference. There are so many people that suffer from the loss of hearing. You want to enjoy music for the rest of your live right? When you don’t have the money to go custom, I strongly recommend you these Alpine plugs!

Reviewers: Dave van Gorp & Luuk Dresen

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