Bastl Instruments announces ten new eurorack modules

From the Bastl Instruments website: We are very excited to introduce new range of products of Bastl Instruments which are 10 eurorack modules.

These modules are designed to be compact and to complement each other so they can form unique and self contained modular musical instrument. We gave a lot attention to the look of the modules which come with printed oak front panels, custom handmade knobs and graphic layout by Anymade studio. All the modules are produced and handmade in Brno, Czech republic.

Because they consist entirely of thruhole components we would like to introduce most of them as DIY kit later this year.

•ABC – quad vca + cv invertors + mixing

•grandaPa – granular sampler

•Knit Rider – 6 voice trigger / gate sequencer

•littleNerd – trigger / gate processor

•multiple  – passive handwired multiple

•Noise Square  – noise and square source

•Quattro Figaro – quad vca + cv invertors + mixing

•Skis  – dual decay + vca

•Spaghetti  – inverter, buffered multiple, unity mix

•Tea Kick  – more than just a bass drum

We are so happy to have the wooden panels and wooden knobs on our modules ! When we used our cnc to prototype the cutouts from wood we fell in love with the material ! We have choosed oak wood which is on of the most durable wood materials and we tried a lot of different printing techniques and sealers to find the perfect ones to make it long lasting and impossible to scratch off the printing. The amazing knobs are custom made by Jan Vacl and his father in their tiny home workshop.

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