DJ and guitar app for the Apple iWatch

We just spotted the first apps for the Apple iWatch, and guess: there is a DJ and a Guitar app.

Pacemaker dj: It’s like having your own personal DJ. Pacemaker DJ uses the Autopilot DJ feature from your iPad app. Skip a track. Or skip two. Autopilot DJ quickly mixes the tracks you choose so everything blends together seamlessly. If you’re not sure what to play, it will scan your playlist to find the perfect tunes and provide the perfect mix.

: Guitarists are always looking for great tones. AMPLIFi is a Bluetooth speaker and guitar amp in one. Now, with AMPLIFi Remote for Apple Watch, you can pick your favorite guitar sound right from your wrist. And when it’s time to tune up, you’ll see which note you’re playing and whether it’s sharp, flat, or in tune.

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