H2 designs Miyo – major mobile studio sound for everyone

Today, Gearjunkies got an exclusive preview to a new product that will change the world of mobile sound. We had a exclusive preview on this small interface. And it sounds incredible! You will get more details in the upcoming review.

About Miyo:

MIYO brings major studio sound wherever your music takes you. One simple USB connection, two reference-class headphone outputs, one pristine stereo input.

For the music creator

Your audio interface is the crucial link between you and your sound. MIYO is uncompromising when it comes to studio sound quality, and will be right at home alongside your most valued gear.

And when you’re not in the studio, you no longer have to sacrifice on sound quality. MIYO is ultra-portable, bringing sound you can trust wherever your music takes you.

And when you need to record, MIYO has a stereo input with pristine analog-to-digital conversion, and innovative metering to be sure you get perfect levels.

For the music fan

You’ll hear details and nuance you never knew were there, and you’ll feel the music just as the artist intended. It’s also easy to use – just plug in a USB cable. MIYO is ready for almost any music your computer can play, even hi-res files, and it will all sound better than ever.

If you’re listening on high-end headphones, you’ve already invested in great sound quality. But when plugged directly into your computer, your investment gets lost in cheap audio components and little attention to sound quality. With two powerful and clear headphone outputs, MIYO lets you – and a friend – hear what you’ve been missing.

Performance Highlights:

Sleek and portable
Easy to use
Multi-color level meters
Made in the US
DAC: 129dB A-weighted DR
ADC: 123dB A-weighted DR
Dual master clocks with <.5ps jitter
Proprietary ground loop elimination
Eight low-noise regulated supplies
No compromise audio path
1.5W Total headphone power

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