Dtronics DT-300 (PG300 Clone) for Alpha Juno 1, 2 and MKS-50

The Dtronics DT300, is a PG-300 clone for Roland’s Alpha Juno 1, 2 and MKS-50 synthesisers.

Even though it is only a prototype product at this stage, it is said that the DT-300 will the joy back in to programming your Roland synthesiser. It has the same features as the original PG-300 programmer.
Designed with the latest technology and high quality components.

The DT-300 is specially designed for the Alpha Juno-1, Alpha Juno-2 and MKS-50. By using the DT-300, a sound can be more easily and quickly edited or created from scratch. The tone modifying functions of the DT-300 uses MIDI Exclusive messages, which are specific messages used by the Alpha Juno and MKS-50. Therefore, the DT-300 cannot control the parameters of other synths, either from the same brand or other manufacturers.

More information on the prototype and pricing here: Dtronics DT-300

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