Elektron Overbridge Will Get You Onboard!

Elektron, known for their quirkily different and innovative products have recently announced a new project called Overbridge. What is Overbridge? Well, Elektron claim that you will soon be able to use their hardware products as VSTi’s in your favourite DAW. Yes, you did read that correctly! Apparently, Overbridge will allow seamless integration of your Elektron hardware via a single USB cable. Multiple analog voices can be recorded to individual tracks on your DAW and all settings will be stored and transferred back to your hardware when you re-load a previously saved project.

Here’s Elektron’s current roadmap:

Public open beta to be launched May 2015

  • These will be the key features of the public beta launch:
  • CoreAudio / ASIO / WDM sound card functionality
  • Multi-tracking via single USB
  • Overbridge Control Panel
  • Analog Four/Keys/Rytm plugins
  • VSTi plugin format
  • Parameter automation
  • Kit/Sound editing capabilities
  • Sequencing via DAW – “Analog VSTi”
  • Elektron sequencer sync to DAW
  • Multiple Elektron units support
  • Mac and Windows support

Overbridge 1.0 to be launched before summer 2015

These features will be added with Overbridge 1.0:

  • AU plugin format
  • Total recall of machine state
  • Analog Rytm sample management
  • Analog processing via plugin

Overbridge 1.1 to be released autumn 2015

These features will be added with Overbridge 1.1:

  • Librarian
  • Pattern/Song editing

And much more to come in the future…

Check out Electron Overbridge for the latest updates.


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