New Alchemy-based Synth Coming to GarageBand & Logic Pro X June 30th?

Apple has quietly updated its GarageBand webpage to announce that the entry-level DAW will be updated with new features (many say that this will take place on June 30th, alongside the launch of Apple Music). It seems that GarageBand will gain at least one new synth as well as the software’s recording and editing features being improved.

Apple will also be adding 100 EDM and Hip-Hop sounds to GarageBand that each feature the Transform Pad Smart Control for morphing sounds to your own personal liking. This is very similar to the Alchemy software (made by Camel Audio) that Apple bough back in February this year. There are demos of some of the new synths patches on the GarageBand website, including Sweeping Arp, Droplets, Bright Punchy Synth, Pumping Synth Waves and Epic Hook Synth. Apple continues to state that GarageBand’s software instrument Smart Controls and Piano Roll Editor will also be improved.

A footnote states that the new features will be available on June 30 in the United States and as “coming soon” in other territories. It has also been speculated that Apple may also add a way for GarageBand (and maybe also Logic Pro X) users to upload their new music to Apple Music Connect, a new social platform that will enable music artists to connect with their fans. This is just speculation at this time, as no firm details are available at this time.

For more information, please check out the New Features Coming to GarageBand page on Apple’s website.

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