Antares shows the ATG-1 Floor Processor

Antares Audio Technologies announces the launch of the ATG-1 Floor Processor featuring Auto-Tune for Guitar (ATG) technology. The ATG-1 Floor Processor keeps the guitar in tune with perfect intonation all the way up the neck. ATG-1 also includes alternate tunings and different guitar models for a new world of creative possibilities. The easy to use interface allows users to access all features instantaneously, either through footswitch controls, the expression pedal or with an external MIDI source. The ATG-1 works with electric guitars equipped with either built-in or external 13-pin outputs.

The ATG-1 is best defined by its mastery of pitch, which it achieves through two technologies, String Tune and Solid-Tune. String Tune tunes all six strings instantly with the push of a button (no motors or gears required). Solid-Tune® constantly monitors the pitch of each string and delivers perfect intonation all the way up the neck, regardless of variables like finger pressure or physical limitations of the instrument.

The ATG-1 Floor Processor also features:

  • Modeling – The guitar modeling allows users to select from different guitar pickups so their guitar will sound like a variety of classic electric guitars including many bass and acoustic guitars.
  • Alternate Tunings – In addition to being able to perfectly tune a guitar in standard tuning, the ATG-1 also features 13 alternate tunings, including DADGAD, Drop D, Open E, and Open G.  Users can also create and store their own custom tunings as part of a preset.
  • Doublings – Each string is duplicated and altered, creating the effect of a 12-string guitar.  The doublings also offers a Polyphonic Octaver Up and Down, Fifth Up, Fourth Up, as well as the option to create custom doublings that are stored in a preset.
  • Presets – The ATG-1 has the capacity to store up to 64 presets, so users’ favorite combination of modeling, doublings and alternate tunings can easily be accessed.

Additional Features – The ATG-1 also features a virtual capo, which can raise and lower the guitar’s pitch, pitch shift, volume and tone controls, a sturdy outer casing and is incredibly intuitive.

The ATG technology which is also available as a Luither kit has been embraced by musicians and critics; including Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Larry Mitchell, and the American rock band Hinder.

Steve Conrad (Elantric), founder/moderator of endorsed the ATG-1 saying:

“The ATG-1 Pedal is amazing, and the pickup modeling is the most accurate I’ve experienced – and I own them all. (Roland VG-8, VG-88, VG-99, GR-55, Boss GP-10, Line-6 Variax, Tyler Variax JTV). It has breathtaking clarity, totally pro, highest dynamic range  – no need for a “N.S.” Noise Suppressor as required for many of the Roland Boss COSM Guitar Models.”

Vai was quoted as saying: “The ATG Auto-Tune System is unlike any other. It’s intuitive to a player’s idiosyncrasies and offers stunning intonation within a vast amount of instant tuning potentials and variety of eclectic guitar modelings. It aids the player in walking that bridge to being tuned up, turned on and tapped into their infinite, unique creativity.”

Antares is world renowned for developing software plugins that address pitch and vocal correction. Its flagship product, Auto-Tune, is the best-selling audio plugin of all-time. Auto-Tune and the ATG-1 Floor Processor were developed by Dr. Andy Hildebrand, Antares Founder and Chief Scientist.

The ATG-1 Floor Processor retails for $699 and is available directly through the Antares guitar website  and through retailers.

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