PioneerDJ HRM-7 studio headphone – Gearjunkies review

PioneerDJ earlier this year announced the arrival of new studio gear. The first was a set of monitors, of which you can expect a review soon and a set of headphones, the HRM-7. You may wonder what is up with Pioneer producing studio gear and we are here for you to put the HRM-7 to the test.

First Impression

The HRM-7 looks solid, just like every other studio headset. Not as fancy looking as the DJ line but more subtle, with no color combinations, shiny silver sides or big logo, just suave aesthetics and a matte black finish along with a subtle PioneerDJ logo in black on the headband and a small silver logo on the ear cups. When you pick them up, you will notice this is a lightweight headset which will increase the wearing comfort when wearing for longer periods of time.

What’s in the box

In addition to the HRM-7 headset itself, you will get two cords (one straight and one curled), along with an adapter from a 3.5mm jack male plug to a 1/4″ TRS jack female, just like any other headset. You also get two sets velour ear cushions, so you are well set.

Build quality

The HRM-7 is, as you would expect of a studio headset, well put together, with a flexible band, which will be a good fit to most peoples heads. They are malleable, the cables are flexible and they snap off and detach. The ear cups are nice and big to cover the ears, which is good for prolonged use.

Sound quality

The HRM-7 is a closed headset and actually sounds better than we expected. We have tested them in a studio environment and compared with the most used regular studio headsets such as the Beyer Dynamic, we were really surprised with the result. The HRM-7 makes use of 45 Ohm drivers with a sensitivity of 97 decibels. It has separate low and high frequency drivers, making it sound more neutral, which is a big plus and is helpful when evaluating mixes. The range is quite large, from 5Hz to 40kHz so well beyond the hearable frequencies. When recording vocals, the HMR-7 is very useable being a closed headset and has no noticeable audio bleeding.


  • Sound quality
  • Wearing comfort
  • Choice of chords


  • No pouch included


PioneerDJ’s first studio headset delivers a very good performance, beyond our expectations. It’s a good sound headset and is very good overall. Actually, I can see no disadvantages for the HRM-7 and it makes for a good first or upgrade studio headset. I absolutely would recommend to try it out for yourself.

PioneerDJs HRM-7 available at a retail price of 179,-

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