Rob Papen announces RP-EQ Equaliser plug-in

Rob Papen is proud to announce availability of RP-EQ — expanding EQ essentials from its all-the-rage RAW soft synth, specialising in ‘distorted’ sounds specifically suited to EDM production and beyond, to create an essential EQ effects plug-in for Mac and PC.

Whether used in a corrective or creative capacity, EQ, adjusting the levels of frequency response of an audio signal — has long since been seen as an essential extension to the art of recording, mixing, and mastering. Indeed, in the wonderful world of virtual music production an almost unlimited choice of EQ plug-ins are available to the discerning user… from those purporting to perfectly emulate expensive, well-known, and often hard-to-source hardware classics to those that are already part of the chosen DAW itself, with much in-between and beyond.

RP-EQ ca be used on Mac (32- and 64-bit, AAX, AU, and VST for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher) and PC (32- and 64-bit, AAX and VST for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10)RP-EQ can be purchased as a boxed version from authorised Rob Papen dealers worldwide or downloaded directly from Rob Papen for €79.00 EUR (including VAT/tax)/$89.00 USD

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