Unity Audio are proud to announce The B.A.B.E

Unity Audio are proud to announce the latest addition to the critically acclaimed monitor range; The B.A.B.E ( Boulder Active Bass Extender ). This is a dedicated loudspeaker designed to transform the Unity Audio Boulder MKII 3-way near/midfield monitor into a full 4-way super accurate system with higher SPL and extended low frequency performance. Ideal for all applications such as tracking/mixing and critical mastering.

Being a modular system, several mounting options are available to provide maximum flexibility. Soffit mount or free-standing, either side-by-side, horizontally with B.A.B.E underneath, or as a tower with a dedicated optional stands. Due to the many configuration options the system makes an ideal two channel, L,C,R and surround sound system for all critical listening applications.

The B.A.B.E. retains the same sealed cabinet approach used throughout the Unity Audio range. This design approach provides faster, tighter and more accurate linear bass reproduction and results in less phase rotation, reduced time domain ringing, lower group delay and a shallower roll-off slope than inferior ported designs. These characteristics make The B.A.B.E. a natural choice for all critical music applications. The woofer is a single 12”/300mm driver with a huge 5”/130mm Hexatech external voice coil wound with a hexagonal-shaped aluminium coil wire (2-3 times thicker than standard woofers) for accurate music reproduction, superior durability and power handling. This driver delivers an extraordinary combination of audiophile musicality and high power handling.

A stereo Boulder/B.A.B.E system comprises of two B.A.B.E cabinets and two Boulders. For even higher SPL requirements four B.A.B.E cabinets can be employed bringing total system power to 3400 watts. Each cabinet has it’s own rack mountable 750 watt class D amplifier. An external Unity Audio rack mount DSP speaker management system is used to seamlessly integrate the B.A.B.E to the Boulder with the added benefit of precision on-board gain, phase, Parametric EQ, limiters and user presets.

The B.A.B.E. adds a flexible modular approach enabling a fully 4-way Boulder system configured the way you want it, with breathtaking accuracy,performance and dynamic headroom.

Pricing for 2x B.A.B.E’s, 2x 750 watt amplifiers and Unity DSP speaker management is £7,350.00 ex VAT

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