DASZ shows the ALEX system at Musikmesse 2016

The wait is over! There were a few teasers but here it is: the DASZ ALEX System. It’s still in development stage, but the guys from DASZ told us that the product will be shipping this year.

ALEX system is a Module based Synthesizer and Sequencer. There are two different modules you can connect together with a total of four. Each module contains a track based looper, sampler, synthesizer, mixer, and sequencer. You can create up to 16 synth tracks and the modules link together through a high speed connection link.

The synthesizer is a V/A synth and sampler. More modules will show up later this year. The MIX function is a full channel strip. You can put effects on each track. For now, the sequencer is step based but there will be more in the future.

The modules are also equipped with expansion slots for an audio interface module, DSP to run plug-ins etc etc. The audio interface is 8 I/O and it’s a DC-coupled audio interface, so it can also be used for CV or Gate.

The main module had an extra main and output with a building audio interface, MIDI in and out, SD card for storage and connects by USB with your computer. It has main and aux busses and it can be used as a mixer to the other modules.

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