TK Audio Releases New 500 EQ with Mid – Side Processing

TKL500F_1kTK Audio is announcing the release of their newest 500 series module, TK-lizer 500, which features all the power of TK’s flagship TK-lizer dual mono EQ, including the M/S functionality that has made it such a staple in studios all over the world.

A few minor additions include extending the cut/boost range to +/-8dB across forty-one discrete steps. The level control ranges from infinity to +6dB, also in forty-one discrete steps, and both the high and low bands can be switched from peak control to shelving duty.

“It’s been challenging to squeeze a dual mono EQ with sixteen rotary controls plus toggle switches into a dual slot 500 unit”, states TK Audio president Thomas Kristiansson. “The unique feature set, pristine sound and precise control make this an indispensable tool for tracking, mixing and mastering.”

TK-lizer 500 begin shipping in early June for 1,069.00 Euro (ex VAT)

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