Music computing releases Kami music keyboard production station

The main design goal for Kami was to produce the de-facto category killer for music production systems…essentially the end-game product.  The mandate for this goal was for Kami to be the last keyboard production station or computer you will ever need to purchase for music production for the rest of your life…and possibly your children’s.

Starting with the power-plant, Kami can be equipped with dual Xeon 12-core processors for up to 24-cores running a Windows 10 (64-bit) operating system. Kami is also able to fully use up to 512GB of RAM, essentially allowing you to load anything you want into memory such as multiple large sampled libraries for instant access.  4 hard drive storage bays are available that can be outfitted with SSD or SSHD hard drives for up to 14TB of storage.

Kami’s video section can support up to 4 video monitors running at 4K resolution. Finally, a built-in DVD burner allows you to burn your own CDs or DVDs right from the keyboard To put things into perspective, just for fun…we loaded over 5,000 tracks with effects into various DAWs and watched them implode. The software literally didn’t know what to do any more and just started to glitch out, with the Kami running at about 50% usage.

Another way of looking at this is that Kami is so powerful, you can easily edit 8K video with it using an appropriate video card. Something you can’t do with the vast majority of the personal computers out there today. However, power without control is not a total solution. This is why we have included a wide variety of devices to offer you maximum control.

Kami is available in 61 or 88 semi-weighted key versions. The keybed feels great and is ultra-durable.  Standard pitch and mod wheels are included as well as transpose buttons. LED backlighting for the piano keys are available, which can be set to virtually any color you desire with the ability to fade, blink or react with sound. A remote control is provided for easy access.

Many of you have asked for an X/Y pad and controller ribbon so we have added them both into Kami. The X/Y pad can be used in 3 different modes including: as a KAOS pad, as a note trigger and as a drum trigger. 

New to any music instrument is the interactive LED button pad that allows you to program each of the 15 buttons with a unique image that can then be used as a hotkey, app launcher, to send out a string command, as a macro, to control your multi-media or even as a reminder.  Unlimited preset banks can be created and saved in the Kami, which can be loaded in real time with the images for the buttons and functions changing instantly, which are then ready for immediate use.  Video-wise, the Kami is available with either a 22” 10-touch touchscreen (1080p) or a 28” 4K video monitor (without touch), which will allow you to see 4 times more content than a standard 1080p monitor, perfect for DAW and plugin use. The height and tilt adjustable monitor arm allows you to adjust the monitor placement to ensure full access to all your controls.

A removable wireless computer keyboard with trackpad is included that can be used sitting in the Kami or on your desktop. 16 professional quality velocity sensitive full size drum pads and 6 mappable knobs round out the controls on the Kami. Another thing people have asked for in the past is world-class audio interfaces for our products. With the dual 1U rack bays, you can put any number of audio interfaces into KAMI such as the UAD Apollo quad shown here.  With this ability you can have the highest audio quality found in any professional studio at your fingertips in your home or private studio.

With keyboard production stations like the Kami, you are of course open to the world of VST instrument and effects.  However, using auto-sampling software, you can clone any hardware keyboard and use the sampled sounds also.  Recently, others have started to offer presampled keyboard sounds for sale that can be used right out of the box in a sample player such as Kontact.  Virtually every keyboard ever produced is available and the samples sound great as many of them have been processed through SSL consoles.  They are extremely affordable at $5 to $25 for each keyboard, all of which you can download and use instantly in Kami.

Finally, for those of you who prefer the real-thing, you can integrate hardware tone generators like the Yamaha Motif XS into Kami as shown.  With all these options, it is conceivable Kami can literally replace every keyboard ever created by assimilating it in software or hardware form.

The entry level i7 process based Kami starts at $5999. The Xeon dual processor version starts at $8999.

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