New virtual effect from D16 Group – Frontier

Frontier is a studio-grade limiting unit, which quality and performance makes a perfect tool for almost any studio situation. Its simple and intuitive interface in combination with excellent sound quality will surely be appreciated by any mixing or mastering engineer, who’s looking for efficient way of controlling dynamics of a channel, bus or master output. Frontier can be used as very transparent mixing / mastering limiter (at certain settings) with just licking the loudest amplitude peaks, or can be utilized more creatively, as sound shaper, when more extreme settings are at stake.

Algorithm for automatic gain makeup used in Frontier automatically normalizes the signal’s volume after it passes limiting section. It contributes to efficiency boost of setting the plug-in up.

Mind that Frontier is not just simple limiter. With selectable Control Input and optional Soft Clipping you get in your hands a quite versatile tool. Appropriately configured in your DAW Frontier can act as e.g. mono ducker (using Left or Right channel as control signal for the input feed). Or enabled soft-clip option in combination with more drastic settings will reveal Frontier’s wave-shaping capabilities. Surely with time you’ll find more and more applications for this useful unit.

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