Introducing the Melodics Pad Controller App

If you don’t have a hardware pad controller, The Melodics Pad Controller App is the perfect way to get started with learning finger drumming. And if you do, you can now take your practice on the road.

“We’ve got tons of people use Melodics who don’t own a hardware controller”, says Sam Gribben, CEO of Melodics. “You can play with your laptop keyboard, but an iPhone or iPad is a much better experience. We’ve also had lots of people who do use midi hardware ask us for an easy way to practice when they’re away from their studio. The Melodics Pad Controller app is the perfect portable compliment to your hardware”.
“Our research shows that 5 minutes a day has much more impact than a longer session less frequently’, says Gribben “Having you practice rig with you at all times makes it much easier to get in your daily practice.”
The Melodics Pad Controller App is the first step towards making the Melodics experience entirely mobile. “Our long term plan is to be able to play Melodics on any mobile device” says Gribben.
The Melodics Pad Controller App connects to your Mac or PC via USB for ultra low latency. When not connected the app has 4 built in kits from some of our most popular lessons – just plug in your headphones and play! You can even play music on your device in the background and drum along over it.
DJ Jazzy Jeff has this to say about Melodics. “If you make beats, Melodics is like going to the gym for a workout!”. The Melodics Controller App makes that gym all the more portable.

Melodics is free to download, and comes with 20 free lessons to get you started. Then subscribe for unlimited access to constantly updating premium lessons and content, including exclusive lessons from great artists. Available now on the App store –

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