Ableton and Skinnerbox release major update for Time & Timbre

Ableton and the electronic duo Skinnerbox have released a major update for Time & Timbre, the versatile rhythm engine and drum synthesis instrument for Live. Available to buy now, or free for existing Time & Timbre owners, the revamped Max for Live toolkit lets you use the engine’s unique rhythm and swing capabilities throughout your music-making process.

Time & Timbre has been a popular tool for Live users since its release in 2014; its five versatile drum synth modules and polymetric groove engine can add intricate polyrhythms, swing and subtle variations to drum productions.

Now added to the Pack are a collection of devices that bring a wealth of rhythmic possibilities. Control any MIDI parameter with groove-induced modulations; spark a ton of ideas for leads and basslines, or create rhythmic delays with off-the-grid echoes that fit perfectly alongside your offbeat drums.

Modular synth users are in for a treat too: devices let you output a control voltage through your audio interface to control external gear, plus you can add groove to clock signals and send them to hardware sequencers with clock input. Skinnerbox are also offering two free Max for Live CV devices on their website. Visit the Time & Timbre Packs page for more info.

And for owners of the new Push, Time & Timbre can take over Push’s sequencer with a completely customized layout. The setup reimagines how to use the unit to build beats and trigger patterns.

Time & Timbre is available now on the Ableton website for USD 69 / EUR 49.

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