RME announces new ARC USB remote

The ARC USB makes a terrific companion to the recently introduced Fireface UFX+ audio interface and the company’s acclaimed TotalMix FX routing and mixing software. Equally notable, the ARC USB works with any RME audio interface that is currently compatible to the latest drivers supporting TotalMix FX, and this includes interfaces that were released as far back as 2001. With an abundance of useful features, this Advanced Remote Control (ARC) offers intuitive control over the interface’s DSP-based routing and Advanced USB Remote Control effects section.

Operating as a UAC 1 class device, the new ARC USB is natively compatible to Windows and Mac OS X and can be connected via USB to one’s computer. As soon as the ARC USB is present in the operating system, TotaIMix FX will automatically detect and communicate with the controller. By being a remote for TotalMix FX, any hard- ware that uses TotalMix FX can be controlled – from a PCI based Multiface up to the latest Fireface UFX+. The latter includes direct connectivity for both online and stand-alone operation.

The new RME ARC USB is as versatile as it is intuitive. The unit features a jog wheel, 15 freely assignable, illumi- nated buttons, as well as a TS (Tip / Sleeve) connector for a foot switch that can be assigned individually. The RME ARC USB can also control multiple units simultaneously.

“The ARC USB is an incredibly well thought-out controller that enables musicians and audio engineers to maximize the capabilities of their Fireface UFX+ audio interface and the TotalMix FX software. With its jog wheel and assignable buttons, this versatile controller provides a tremendous amount of functionality that helps streamline workflow. Given the ARC USB’s backwards compatibility with RME interfaces that were released as far back as 2001, this is yet another example of RME’s long-term commitment to its customers. And finally, as with all RME products, the ARC USB’s design and build quality are world-class. I’m confident our customers will find much to like.”

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