Tiptop Audio and Lattex Plus, in collaboration with IED presents MEFF 2017 Modular Synthesizers Exhibition Fair in Florence April 24th & 25th

Tiptop Audio, Californian brand of modular synthesizers and Lattex Plus, landmark event organisation in Florence since 2010, are proud to announce at the European Institute of Design (IED) close to the Florence cathedral, MEFF a modular synthesizers fair involving more than 20 brands from dierent parts of the world in two days – 24th and 25th of April – in the sign of wires, modules and knobs.

The initiative engages a number of producers and supplier of modular synthesizers along with the most advanced technologies in the eld of music production: you may nd Roland, Tiptop Audio, Jomox, Mutable Instruments, 4ms and Ableton to name a few. With more than 2400mq and 14 rooms, the IED institute is the perfect headquarter for hosting MEFF fair, well integrated with the historic centre of the city and located in an old building next to Santa Maria Del Fiore cathedral.

Florence is known as the center of art, but there is much more: in recent years the Renaissance city is involved in the eld of music production with the most innovative music researches in Italy, mouthpiece of a real “electronic renaissance”. MEFF is part of this perspective and is an ideal platform to gather people from the entire music business through meetings and presentations with module manufacturers. During the fair in fact there will be live performances which will see exhibitors perform along with some guests including JesterN, Maurizio Montini, Ludus Pinski, Kraftzug, the projects of the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Florence and many others. The opening event is at the Tender Club where, on the night of April 24th, Colin Benders will perform live, after Angle and Joao Ceser performances

Colin Benders is a producer, musician and Dutch composer active in many musical genres. Hyperactive as a child, Colin was able to quickly canalise his creativity in the music, rstly under the alias of Kyteman and the release of his rst hip hop album The Hermit Sessions (2009) achieving resounding success, with the collaboration of rappers and reaching the top 5 of the best Dutch albums. Now Colin directs skillfully modular instruments during live performances, like a conductor directs the various sound elements. Colin has performed during the ADE festival 2016, and about to perform at DEKMANTEL festival 2017 but he will make his Italian debut on April 24th at MEFF opening night.

Angle is an Italian duo made up by Piero Fragola who was formerly in We Love (Bpitch Control – Berlin) and now is a Tiptop Audio designer and LABA and IED lecturer, as well as Thomas Pizzinga who is a cameraman, video editor, motion graphic designer and video director at Elephant Studio. Their songs, that include techno rhythms and electronic grooves are made of modular synthesizer systems, creating an intense sound experience.

Joao Ceser is an Italian producer born in 1983 who lives in Brianza and has collaborated with some of the major labels and international television channel so far as Fool’s Gold, Southern Fried, Ministry of Sound, Deejay TV. Thanks to his love for synths is a consultant and beta tester for some of the most established brands of musical instruments.

Event Program:

April 24th: 10:00 – 20:00 c/o IED;
April 24th: from 22:00 to 03:00 c/o Tender Club, Via Luigi Alemanni 4 Florence
April 25th: 10:00 to 20:00 c/o IED

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