New Dante NA2-IO-DLINE Interface from Neutrik

With the increasingly critical role of digital audio networks in simplifying the routing and distribution of audio signals for fixed, touring and event applications, the requirement to interface analogue signal devices within Dante™ based networks is ever present. The new NEUTRIK intelligent NA2-IO-DLINE Interface enables integration of analogue signal devices, within a Dante AoIP network, in just a few easy steps.

“In response to the many requests we have received from customers, we have developed a cable-based product that connects the analogue world to the Dante world,” says Florian Frick, Product Manager at Neutrik AG.

This new end-of-network device offers two analogue inputs and two outputs, enabling it to simultaneously integrate two analogue audio channels within a Dante™ network, or output a Dante stream as two analogue channels. “The ability to feed and transmit signals at the same time eliminates the need for investment in new devices,” says Frick.

Converting two analogue line signals to a Dante™ stream and a Dante stream to two analogue line signals, simultaneously, enables the NA2-IO-DLINE to feed analogue signals to a Dante™ network, while receiving a mix from another Dante™ source and feeding it to non-Dante ready amplifiers, self-powered speaker systems, signal processors, mixing consoles, etc.

The unit requires a Power over Ethernet switch or a PoE injector (802.3 af/at; class 1) and is AES67 compliant; enables it to be used more extensively with other AES67 compliant AoIP networks.

The NA2-IO-DLINE is optimized for use in extreme environments and applications, offering the usual NEUTRIK standards of robust construction and protection. The unit comes ‘wrapped’ in a highly protective rubber casing for stand-alone deployment; this can be removed, allowing it to be used with optional mounting brackets or a rack panel, enabling it to be mounted below tables, in floor boxes, or in equipment racks for fixed installation applications. In addition, the unit is equipped with lockable etherCON connections for audio and network I/O.

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