DASZ Instruments ALEX at Superbooth 2018 showing new sequencer features

DASZ Instruments will be demonstrating its versatile multi-track step sequencer. Each ALEX track contains its own bank of 128 sequencer patterns. Every pattern has independent step resolution, loop start and end points, and can be up to 128 steps long. Every step includes a note, velocity, duration, delay, and repeats. Sequences can be edited one track at a time using all hardware modules, or up to 4 tracks at a time.

A preview of the Scenes feature will be demonstrated as well. Scenes can switch patterns and other parameters to make seamless transitions for creating evolving sets.

What is ALEX?
ALEX is a powerful and expandable live performance system which features 4, 8, 12 or 16 stacked stereo tracks. Each track boasts a polyphonic analog and sampling instrument, a powerful step sequencer, stereo effects, and looper.
Whether you are in the studio or playing live on stage, ALEX gives you instant access to a range of internal and external instrument sources, effects, loopers, and the mix. A variety of innovative performance features and flexible I/O options, make ALEX an ideal stand-alone performance system for modern musicians.

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