New Sounds and Samples on Sample Saturday #441

Below are some of the new releases we have encountered this week on the Loops and Samples front. Just like the quality of the audio software we use these days the quality of the content we use (loops and samples) equally matches the high standards of this software. Below is this weeks selection.

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Front Row Violins by Kirk Hunter Studios – 70% off

Rigid Audio Bundle – 95% off


Deep & Techy Drum & Bass

Urban Latin Vocals

Rawstyle Destructor

Spettro – Subliminal Deep Tech

Festival & Big Room Trap

Analogue House

Transformed Hip Hop

Nu Talkbox

Arcade – Synthwave

Pure Latin House

Real Strings 10 Year Anniversary Bundle

Deep Hip Hop

Absolutely Deep 01

Future Funk & Soul 3

Hope – FX

Emo Wave & Organic Trap

SOR Melodic Techno

German Techno

MVP Loops

Nu Trendz: Trap and Boom Bap Kits

Block Boy


Dark City HipHop


Funky Guitar Chopz 2

Ethnic Pop Vocals Vol 1

Uplifting Arena Trance

Pompeii Guitars 2

KV Balu: Modern Indian Percussion

Summertime: Beats & Vocals Vol 1

LoFi Chillhop

Essential Progressive House Vol 2

What About: EDM & Dance Lollipop

Latin Pop Anthems Bundle (Vols 1-3)

Elninio 2

Drippin Sauce

Deep Tech Movements

Future Loops: Late Night Deep House


Ethnic Trap Loops Vol 2

Lofi Boomin Melodies 3

Drip lord

Melodic Guitar Sauce

21 Loops

Modern moombahton

Triple X

Dream catcher

OriakU (Live Soul)

So Sincere

New York Soul Vol.6 Soul Addict

Alive – Urban


Neo Soul Vibes 3

Pompeii Guitars 2

Tight Night Trap Vol. 2

Natural Drums, Instruments and Voices

Secret Weapon: Melodic Trap Loops

Smokey Lofi Vol 1

EDM: Radioactive

Horizon – Future Soul

Berlin Influence 3

Sounds of Metronix Lo-Fi House

Main Techno vol.2

Cali West Funk 3

RnB Cheaters


The World Is Mine


Icon Country Hip Hop

Funky Guitar Chopz 2

Dark Ambient

Lucid Dreams Vol.2

Soulful Pop Vocals 01

Vocal Tastes Vol. I

Trap Army Part 1

Trackfam – Grimey Trap 3

New York Tribal House Drums



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