Cubase celebrates its 30th birthday with 50% off sales


Cubase was one of the first sequencers out there that was commercially available in 1989. First on the Commodore 64 but later appeared on other systems where it got immensely popular with the Atari ST. Years later it also was ported to the PC where it also got a reboot and in 1999 introduced the VST open standard which ushered in the rise of the plugins on both PC and Mac. It also introduced the birth of Nuendo which has become one of the industry standards in audio post production. Another technological breakthrough was Rewire that allowed you to couple other DAWs with Cubase. Along the road the Steinberg company got bought by Yamaha and continued¬† the developments which grew into a synergy with Yamaha’s hardware division. The latest version Cubase 10 was introduced in November of 2018.


Both Marc and I started to use Cubase in the Atari ST days and to the current day we still do enjoy using Cubase 10 which the nerve centre of both our studio’s together with the Midex8 midi interface. With it’s elaborate list of options it is one of the most complete DAWs out there. So much has changed since running Cubase on the Atari ST it is hard to imagine that it has been 30 years.


As part of the celebrating Steinberg have a 50% off offer on all Cubase products. If you thought Cubase it was too expensive now you have your chance of getting an excellent deal.

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