International Sound Summit 9th edition starts 2 November 2019 in Torino Italy

Soundmit is the international trade fair specialized in electronic musical instruments and new audio technologies that takes place annually in Turin. The event, with a history of eight ever-growing editions, hosted exhibitors from 11 countries in 2018, welcoming over 800 visitors and 170 operators in the field in the two days of the event.

It has obtained the patronage of the Italian Trade Agency the Polytechnic of Turin, the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Rome Tor Vergata, the DAMS of the University of Turin and ARDUINO. In addition to the exhibition part, the programme includes the inclusion of workshops and training sessions in collaboration with major international schools and companies in the sector.

The programme is enriched with talks and panels with the sponsoring Universities and international guests of the sector. Soundmit is also a chance for visitors to meet sector companies and apply for job opportunities.Engineers, software developers and graphic designers are currently among the most requested profiles in the music sector and the presence of universities and performers such as Arduino exponentially increases the possibilities of developments in this direction. Soundmit has also the support of 17 international media industry partners who will cover the event with articles, interviews and reports.

Soundmit is among the founders, together with the SynthFest France, of E.M.E.A. – Electronic Music Events Associations, a European consortium created to support events similar to the Soundmit, to provide a quality brand to participating companies and the public, as well as to coordinate similar events and thus avoid overlapping and guarantee always the highest quality standards.

New Location
Soundmit 2019 returns to the centre of the city of Turin in a breath-taking historic location: over 1000 square meters of exhibition space within the ARSENALE DELLA PACE, a building from the 1700s that housed the military industry of the First World War, now a point of multicultural meeting and Italian headquarters of Sermig – Youth Missionary Service.

The strength of the Soundmit is the rich programme that will characterize the two days. The timeline of the event is being defined but we can anticipate that it will be full of appointments, among which we point out:
– Awarding of the international contest “Soundmit & Hackability Music Prize”
– Presentation of the University courses related to the world of technology and sound
– Workshop: Sound Design with Microphonic Soundbox
– Workshop: Sound Design with Ableton Live

and more:
– Showcase and previews with companies and with the best endorsers and product specialists.
– Workshops and seminars made with our content partners
– Talk & panel with international guests, the protagonists of the sector talk about themselves at Border Radio, our media partner, with a series of unmissable interviews.
– Live performance.

International partners ARDUINO
This year, the partnership with ARDUINO is strengthened – it will be present with an exhibition
space and some related initiatives. With this collaboration, Soundmit wants to give greater visibility to all the Makers of the music sector. New musical instruments and new interfaces are at the centre of the partnership with the Turin company that invented the world of Makers. An opportunity for the public to discover new solutions and new musical instruments and an opportunity for the Makers to confront themselves with musicians, receive feedback and suggestions and meet the big companies in the sector. The Makers and companies that use Arduino technology in their projects will have the opportunity to use a discount to participate in Soundmit.

Last year we had two guitar effects producers at the fair, Eventide and Zirante. The success was so unexpected and surprising that we decided to include effects producers in a systematic way to meet the demands of those who use them with synthesizers. To do this we have created an important partnership with the “Effects Database” community, the largest online catalogue of producers and effects with a community of over 410K followers! If you are a pedal manufacturer, it’s time to conquer the world of synthesizers! Come to Soundmit with your effects!

This year Soundmit has collaborated with Hackability, the Italian association to bring together the world of Makers, designers and digital artisans with the needs and inventiveness of people with disabilities or special needs Soundmit and Hackability announce the first Soundmit – Hackability Music Prize to promote and circulate technological, design and service solutions that facilitate, in all its forms, the musical practice for people with disabilities and special needs. The purpose of the award is to identify projects and technologies that can enable people with disabilities to the world of music. The call is international, open to all and participation is free.

DATES: Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November 2019
LOCATION: ARSENALE DELLA PACE – Piazzale Borgo Dora 61 – TORINO – Italy

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